The Top 11 List: How We Lose or Misuse Patient Protected Health Information (PHI)

Submitted by D. Scott Jones, CHC, Compliance Officer

  1. We hand patients discharge information that belongs to another patient.
  2. We fax patient information to the wrong number.
  3. Printed patient information is lost, dropped, or placed in trash cans.
  4. We comment about patients on social media like Facebook, Snapchat, or other platforms.
  5. Patient information is left in bed sheets and sent to laundry.
  6. Wrong patient information is entered into another patient’s record.
  7. We leave another patient’s information at bedside and it is read by the patient in that room.
  8. We send e-mail with patient PHI to personal e-mail addresses.
  9. We leave voice mail on the wrong patient’s answering device.
  10. We look up patient information for patients we are not treating.
  11. We leave patient PHI on unattended and unlocked computer screens.

These events are easily avoided!

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