2019 Provider Incentive Program

On January 1, 2019, Augusta Care Partners entered into an agreement between our network and the Augusta Community Health Plan (the medical insurance for Augusta Health employees). If our network can reduce costs by 2% off of 2019 projections and improve quality for health plan members, a portion of any “shared savings” will be distributed to eligible network providers via incentives:

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Year to Date Performance

Despite having initial data challenges with the HealthScope analytics platform, we now are able to share our performance on incentive program metrics. Because we have not yet reached the spend target, no shared savings pool has been funded to date:

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Initiatives generated by our physician-led Quality and Finance Committees have been deployed to improve colorectal screening, breast cancer screening, and ED utilization rates. Our case manager for the health plan, Kim Staton, RN, BSW, is actively working with high cost and complex plan members to improve outcomes and prevent unnecessary health care spend. We will continue to provide monthly updates on program performance, so stay tuned!