2019 Incentive Distribution Projected at $228k

On January 1, 2019, Augusta Care Partners entered into an agreement between our network and the Augusta Community Health Plan (the medical insurance for Augusta Health employees). If our network can reduce costs by a minimum of 2% off of 2019 projections and improve quality for health plan members, a portion of any “shared savings” will be distributed to eligible network providers via incentives. Click here for information on the distribution model.

Year to Date Performance

We are pleased to report that based on current performance, the total incentive distribution is projected at $228,000. This amount is based on a 3.6% reduction off the projected spend for the health plan as well as performance in the colorectal screening, mammography, and ED utilization metrics below.

Please continue to encourage your patients to get their preventive care screenings. We will continue to provide monthly updates on program performance, so stay tuned!