Network Clinical Guidelines Now Available

Submitted by Barbara Fenton, MD, FACP, Medical Director of Augusta Care Partners

News Flash from the Quality Committee! Clinical guidelines for diabetes, hypertension, COPD, ischemic vascular disease, CAD, heart failure, and preventive care are now available.

A word of explanation: As an ACO, our charter specifies the adoption of evidence-based guidelines for key quality indicators. These indicators align with many of the metrics required for our CMS reporting each year.

The ACP Quality Committee recognized the Athena EMR (used by the majority of our ACO’s providers) has a quality team dedicated to maintaining up-to-date guidelines. Thus it made sense to align former care pathways with those that are available in Athena, and used by the majority of ACP providers.

After thoughtful review in October – November, the guidelines were submitted to and approved by the Board of Managers in December. We are happy to share them across the network via Team TrendsNetwork Clinical Guidelines

In addition, these are posted on PULSE under ACP Shared Documents. Please contact us should you have any difficulty accessing them or any questions regarding content.