HQEP Tier 2 Incentive Opportunity: Be a Hand Hygiene Champion!

Augusta Care Partners is offering providers the opportunity to meet a Tier 2 HQEP incentive requirement (engagement in significant network initiative) by becoming a Hand Hygiene Champion!

A Hand Hygiene Task Force will be convened on May 9th at 5:30pm in Conference Room C at Augusta Health to discuss barriers to hand hygiene and propose ideas for improving both provider and ACP system-wide hand hygiene. We plan to hold 3 Task Force meetings throughout the remainder of 2018.

The Tier 2 track options will be shared at the May 9th meeting, and participants will be asked to identify whether they want to pursue the Tier 2 path of becoming a “champion” or limit participation to only the task force. Providers (physicians and APPs) can satisfy the Tier 2 requirement by accumulating at least 6 hours total engagement in any of the possible tracks. Please note that Tier 1 requirements must also be met in order to achieve Tier 2 incentive status.

If you cannot make the first meeting but are interested in participating, please contact Mary Arrowood at marrowood2@augustahealth.com or (540) 245-7570 for more details.