Sneak Peek: MSSP 2017 Results

Augusta Care Partners received our 2017 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) final performance packet at the end of August. As a reminder, CMS sets financial and quality performance goals for Accountable Care Organizations (like ours) in the MSSP. If we meet certain quality and cost savings thresholds, we are able to share in the “savings” we generated for Medicare.

Drumroll, please…

For the first time since the ACO’s inception, Augusta Care Partners’ annual spend came in under the benchmark! While it was not enough to qualify for shared savings (we missed the mark by $1.7 million), this is still quite remarkable for our network.

Quality scores were lower than anticipated in the claims-based admission/readmission and patient experience survey measures; however, the abstracted metric scores remained high. For quality measure performance details, click here.

More to come!

Please join us at the ACP General Provider Meeting on October 30 at 5:30pm in the ACC building at Augusta Health. We’ll be sharing more information about our MSSP performance, lessons learned, and what it all means for you.