Colonoscopies: Local Providers and Protocol

Screening and Diagnostic Colonoscopy Referrals

Since 2004, the Augusta Health Screening Colonoscopy Clinic has been serving asymptomatic patients who have risk factors for developing colon cancer. Here’s a quick description of the Clinic’s screening protocol:

  • Fax referral sheet to the Clinic at (540) 332-5723
  • Give patient the Clinic’s information sheet (pictured right) and instruct them to contact the Clinic to schedule the procedure. The typical wait time for a screening colonoscopy is 4 to 6 weeks from the time of initial patient contact.
  • If a referred patient does not contact the Clinic to schedule the procedure, Clinic staff will attempt to contact the patient directly.
  • Procedure reports are faxed to referring provider upon completed exam.

Please note that the presence of ANY of the below criteria will exclude a patient from the Clinic:

  • Symptoms – abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, weight loss, etc.
  • History of bleeding disorders
  • Documented unstable coronary artery disease
  • Taking any prescription blood thinner or any immunosuppressive medication
  • Severe COPD
  • Internal defibrillator
  • Dialysis
  • Over 75 years of age (must go through physician’s office for exam)
  • Diverticulitis diagnosed within 1 month of colonoscopy
  • Younger than 50 years of age with no family history
  • Inflammatory bowel disease

For patients who do not qualify for the Clinic, providers can make a referral to a practice that performs diagnostic colonoscopies.

Meet the Providers

There are currently 9 providers who perform screening colonoscopies through the Clinic on a rotating schedule. All of these physicians also provide diagnostic colonoscopy services through their practices.