2018 HQEP Distribution Projected at $101k

The Hospital Quality & Efficiency Program (HQEP) is an agreement between Augusta Care Partners and Augusta Health that is designed to manage costs and improve quality for the health system. Current metric performance indicates a projected distribution of over $101k to qualifying network providers.We expect to have final performance results laterthismonth and will distribute resulting incentive payments in March-April.

Did You Meet Your 2018 Incentive Requirements?

If you are a physician, independent practitioner, or advanced practice provider in our network (as of February 2018), you were able earn a portion of any distribution generated in HQEP in 2018 by meeting the incentive requirements listed here.

If you are curious about whether you met the incentive requirements for 2018, you can view the provider level incentive dashboard here.

Current Performance

Below you will find a dashboard of our network’s December year-to-date performance* in the 2018 HQEP program. Measure baselines (“Base”), actual performance (“YTD”), and goals (“Targets”) are shown. The Indicator shows if Target 1 or Target 2 has been met. Additionally, any projected distribution based on current performance will be detailed in the far-right column. Definitions for each of the metrics can be found here.